The beginning of Exothium World
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The beginning of Exothium World

The beginning of Exothium World

Exothium World is the 1st game built within Exothium. It is an evolutionary and procedurally generated survival game.

Inspired by games like rust and Dwarf Fortress, Exothium World is a 2d pixel art game focused on giving the player the possibility to generate world dimensions with multiple customisable parameters like world size, world timespan, biome distribution, day velocity etc.


The world will be an hexagon tiled map in a stone age era with  7 terrain types:

  • Snow
  • Mountain
  • Forest
  • Plain
  • Desert
  • Deep Water
  • Shallow Water

Items & Resources

Each world dimension will have different difficulties but overall you have to survive gathering food, hunting and crafting items to endure the cold nights.


Inspired by crypto history we decided to create 4 races to play with: human punk, cat, dog or ape.

Every races will have different visual traits like hair types, colors piercings etc.

No races will have advantage over any other and only in game you will collect items inside each instance.

Each character will be a NFT designed to be used as profile picture, in-game character and in cloth embroidery.

Playable Modes

Aiming to unite every player around the same game and give open access to every one we will have two play modes:

  • Free (off-chain)
  • Competitive (on-chain)

With Free to play we will onboard new players faster, test and develop quickly what the community really like.

Focused on building fun first the need to ship a game is more important than everything.

Participate 🤝 Support 🤝 Play

Competitive mode will use the latest layer 2 technologies to give the player a smooth experience without compromising the playability.

In this mode every player will compete to gather exploration points and be on the top of the scoreboard at the end of each instance.
Achievements and Vanity items will reward the players based on their facades and proportionally to the instance difficulty.

If you survive, at the end of each dimension you will colect exploration points, achievements and vanity items based on your adventure and proportionally to the game difficulty.


For now we choose to develop the game in Phaser that is a powerful javascript game engine that is open-source with a great community.

To produce an on-chain game we are taking smalls steps in the direction of StarkNet that will gave us the scalability and speed we need to make it possible to create an extraordinary experience for gamers.

Our main objective is to bring the power of open-source and the community together to create a machine that produces fun and enjoyment for everyone.