Exothium Updates W45-W49
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Exothium Updates W45-W49

⬢ Exothium UI Code Examples ⬢ NFT Final Touches ⬢ Website Update ⬢ Starknet + Cairo 1.0 ⬢ Legos for AI
Exothium Updates W45-W49


  • Exothium UI Code Examples
  • NFT Final Touches
  • Website Update
  • Starknet + Cairo 1.0
  • Legos for AI

Exothium UI Code Examples

With the objective to simplify the contributions we decided to create a simple project where the developers can see the UI in action and copy the code and assets directly to their game.

Its not easy to design ui elements for phaser and if we want to build fast we need to use a tool to simplify the process. Using rexUi as our main plugin for designing interfaces we are confident that we can easily create simple interfaces.

On top of that we are adding to the UI Code Examples project the most important elements with our styling to be easier to copy and past or code.

For now we are adding the most basic ones:

  • Buttons
  • Inputs
  • Scroll
Actions buttons

NFT Final Touches

The Exothium NFT collection has the total combination of 15552, but to give the chance of having a rare one we will allow only 5000 mints.

We retouched some assets with wrong positions and colors and we are very happy with the final result.

We are ready to do the Testnet NFT mint phase 🎉


Website Update

We need to improve things to become more open and share our vision clearly. In a zoomed-out vision we saw that we lack information about:

  • what we are making
  • what is public
  • where to find our content
  • what comes in next

The site exothium.com needs to be one of the central hubs where we share our vision and work.

Our next website update will encompass that with a minimal but direct approach with 4 new sections:

Starknet + Cairo 1.0

One of the most critiques we received is for doing an open-source project with a closed-source technology like Cairo, but now we are super happy to know that the Starkware team has officially open-sourced its new programming language compiler, Cairo 1.0.

Cairo 1.0 will be a fully typed language, making writing the same logic much easier and less error-prone.

This new version will be available around Q1 next year and we are eager to jump in!

Legos for AI

Lego-like tools for game development could be incredibly valuable for taking advantage of advancements in artificial intelligence (AI).

Exothium, as an open organization with a focus on game development, will definitely benefit from using lego-like tools for improving the pace of game development. These tools would allow us to easily create and manipulate modular game assets, such as characters, environments, and gameplay mechanics, in a way that is optimized for use with artificial intelligence (AI).

This might involve using standardized sizes and shapes for assets, or using clear and concise labeling to help AI algorithms understand the purpose and function of each asset.

By building game assets with a modular structure, developers can create content that is both dynamic and adaptable and can be easily modified and customized by AI.

Overall, Exothium Lego-Like Tools can have the potential to revolutionize the way we create games, and could greatly enhance the capabilities to produce high-quality games.