Exothium World Updates W38-W43
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Exothium World Updates W38-W43

Exothium World Updates W38-W43


  • Phaser - Login Screen
  • Dimension Grid (List of Dimensions)
  • Day/Night Design
  • Scoreboard Window
  • Trade Window
  • Narrator Screens (XD Screens)
  • Chat Window
  • Day/Night Creatures


We are aiming for a full test release on the first quarter of 2023. Exothium team is iterating all mechanics to define a solid launch with all loops already tested.
With the help of our community we are designing all windows according to the preferences of the members.
We took a look at all mechanics and also refactored/improved the Exothium World Game Core Engine.

Game engine components

Preview All Screens with XD here

6 new game components were added to Exothium World:

  • Login Screen
  • Dimension Viewer
  • Scoreboard Window
  • Trade Window
  • Chat Window

Login Screen

The current login screen has 2 options that will redirect the user to either the Free Version (Login with Discord - We will add other options later) or the Competitive Version (ArgentX connect).

Chosen Login Screen

Dimension Viewer

We have 2 designs that will be used on this component that will be rendered either when we have 0 dimensions available or when at least 1 is available.
Here players can either enter an existing Dimension or create their own with their own preferences (name, terrain parameters, number of players, end date, time velocity, etc...).
They can also spectate existing Dimensions to check what is happening inside one.

Dimension Viewer (>1 dimensions created)
Dimension Viewer (0 dimensions created)

ScoreBoard Window

This is quite simple: display current player score inside the dimension. We will also display the top players of the dimension that is not reflected on this design yet.

Chosen ScoreBoard Design

Trade Window

This will be the window where players can trade items found on the dimension (Trade Erc20/Erc721 tokens on Competitive mode).

Trigger Trade
Trade Window

Chat Window

Chat Window will serve for players to interact with others inside the dimension. Are you in danger and need help from other players? Call for help in the chat!

Chat Window

Day/Night Creatures

We have expanded some ideas to give day and night some uniqueness at the beginning. Legendary creatures will appear at night where players could hunt them for bigger rewards.
Players will not suffer stamina/hunger stat penalty when a day passes but will work if they haven't slept/eaten for a long period of time. This change is to make it a little bit more realistic and also to balance gameplay between players around the globe.