Exothium Status Report Week 28
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Exothium Status Report Week 28

Exothium Status Report Week 28
Proposed color pallets

Brief Summary

  1. We will be launching a proof-of-concept soon.
  2. More HUD developments are on the way
  3. Our community reviewed and selected a color theme
  4. We are working on map optimizations
  5. We are working on enabling support for crafting in-game ERC20 & NFT items.

Activities this Week

This week, we focused on map render optimizations to ensure that our expansive world map suffers from no lagging or stutters. To achieve this goal, we employed a different approach to rendering the map that captures mouse actions without needing to use the phaser game engine default methods. This optimized approach will allow us to generate more than 10k terrain tiles without problems and add weather layers that make Exothium world more fun and provide an immersive gaming experience.

We also finalized the specifications for the proof-of-concept (POC) game and published it on Clarity and GitHub for everyone to see. As we stated in the previous update document, our goal in launching the POC to our community is to gather valuable feedback, enabling us to use our resources effectively by only developing features necessary for smooth gameplay and an enhanced user experience.

The community chose this color pallet for our visual interface.

The community got to vote on the visual interfaces, and the interface with the blue color pallet had the most votes. We also received the tile art but are not satisfied with it because the outline shadow is too noisy. In the coming days, we will have another version for experimenting with the tile map.

The tilemap we received

Tasks this Week

Our tasks this week were focused on two areas:

  1. Game engine
  2. Visuals and interfaces

TASK #1: Game engine – Visuals and Interfaces: We worked on developing the visuals and interfaces that will enable players to interact with the game environment and execute tasks within the game world.

TASK #2: Game Logic – Inventory and Crafting: We worked on developing inventory and crafting techniques that will allow players to leverage NFT and ERC20 technologies to craft in-game items that their character needs using materials and resources they gather during gameplay.

To allow in-game items to take different structures, we explored the 1155 standard to see if it would be a proper solution, but we discovered it could not be used alongside our crafting mechanisms in its basic form. So, we decided to use the 1155 standard for the resources and manage our items in a different system.

The system to manage the inventory items will use serialized data, packed in one single integer of 251bit.

Other data will be packed in that way like world objects and creatures.

Action Items for Next Week: 31.07.2022 – 06.08.2022

Our focus for the coming week will be:

Design Group

  • XD update
  • Make pixel art Action icons
  • Wireframe POC only the basics
  • Convert asset resolution in phaser
  • Craft + Inventory Window (concept)

Development Group

  • HUD Tile Info render
  • Move Character
  • Finish Crafting of NFT + ERC20

πŸ™ These past weeks these fellow Exothians helped us move forward! Thank you guys 🌱

NINZAa#6099, katsumoto.eth#1268 , iratsayin#9335 , Ymandru#2720 , hasshass#8515, dieaster#8903, Francisco Fernandes#9294 , EmreB#3219 , grantHul#5244, INSOMNIAK#0345 , Lyskey_ZK_Digger#2396, Royce#9104 , AlicΞ#3311 , MAXX#1355, 0zan07#0158, Hitasyurek#2942, David0XB#1013, ERusaetre#3994 , koi#7160 , Afe2b#1790 , katsuyusama#3323 , bigmike3#9515, kacak.eth#6452 , WWF#1063 , Haris#2504 , Criko#3400 , ThamDestecH#5291, Ermoon#6104, St. Augustinus#3544