About this site

About this site

A community that is focused on building open source games that leverage blockchain technologies.

A collaborative environment were people that love games can explore, play and contribute to push open source games a step further.

With a community approach to develop games we believe that it can be used to:

  1. Come up with ideas for new games. This could involve brainstorming sessions where a group of people work together to generate ideas for games that could be developed and then voting on which ideas are the best.
  2. Test and balance game mechanics. Providing feedback on how the game mechanics work and how they can be improved. This would allow for prototypes to be tested quickly and efficiently, and would also allow for a variety of perspectives to be considered.
  3. Create game assets such as art or music which could then be used by the game developers.

All of this participation can be lead to fast production and iterations of multiple ideas and subsequently to a creation of a Regenerative Community that builds great games for everyone.

We will intend to use gamification to increase the participation rate of the community members by doing:

  1. Recognizing and rewarding active community members with badges, points, and other digital incentives.
  2. Creating opportunities for community members to compete with each other in friendly competitions.
  3. Encouraging community members to work together to complete challenges and earn rewards.