About Exothium
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About Exothium

About Exothium

Exothium is a community driven by blockchain technology that collaborates, incubates and produces open-source games.

At Exothium, we believe that blockchain can potentially transform entire industries, particularly the gaming industry. With both technologies serving as the foundation for our platform, we are confident in our ability to bring unique value to players and creators.

We believe that the future of gaming must be built on an open-source structure. Building on an open-source structure will empower players to do more than consume content created by game developers. Players can create an income stream from playing the games they love and actively participate in developing games and the gaming industry.

At Exothium, our goal is to spearhead the realization of an open-source future for gaming, unlock unique experiences for players, and boost the dispersion of value created through gaming by leveraging blockchain technology.

Using blockchain at the heart of governance, we believe that better decision-making and idea generation will allow us to navigate quickly and safely in the gaming sector.

We aim to accelerate development via

• Open assets, music and code
• Community-driven donations
• Incentive programs to foster collaboration
• Revenue sharing to create a sustainable ecosystem
• Community collaboration and feedback

Gaming 🤝 Blockchain Gaming

Exothium’s focus is not solely on Web3 games. We are also open to providing support to any game whose developers support transparency and an open-source structure.

We are fully committed to on-chain gaming, but we recognize that web3 is not prepared for every game, hence our support for open-source games that are entirely off-chain.

Our core mission is to build the bridge that transitions fans of regular games to the coming blockchain gaming world. However, we recognize that the blockchain gaming community needs to fundamentally change how Web3 games are made. We need to shift our focus towards ensuring players are entertained and thoroughly enjoy the gaming experience, as opposed to the current focus on creating gamified ways of making money.

We will build a collaborative environment where people who love games can explore, play and contribute to pushing open-source games a step further.

With a community approach to developing games, we believe that it can be used to:

  1. Generate ideas for new games. This could involve brainstorming sessions where a group of people work together to generate ideas for games that could be developed and then vote on which ideas are the best.
  2. Test and balance game mechanics. Providing feedback on how the game mechanics work and how they can be improved. This would allow for prototypes to be tested quickly and efficiently and would also allow for a variety of perspectives to be considered.
  3. Create sharable content such us art, music and lore, which the game developers could use.

All of this collaboration will enable fast production and iterations of multiple ideas and the subsequent creation of a Regenerative Community that builds excellent games for everyone.

Gamified Collaboration 🕹

We intend to use gamification to increase the participation rate of the community members by doing the following:

  1. Recognizing and rewarding active community members with badges, points, and other digital incentives.
  2. Creating opportunities for community members to compete with each other in friendly competitions.
  3. Encouraging community members to work together to complete challenges and earn rewards.

Our Manifesto.

To create a community around games with shared values and principles.

A community (common-unity) is a unified group of people with a common interest.

We will build a community of like-minded people who uplift, encourage, inspire, and support each other. We recognize that being part of a community gives players a sense of belonging. It makes players feel they are a part of something greater than themselves.

To achieve this goal, we recognize that we must create an environment that fosters a sense of trust, connection, and care for one another, and we are committed to creating such an environment.